NewCali4nia Services
User Behavior Based Web Marketing

NewCali4nia’s research & analysis is focused from the user perspective, studying and analyzing user behavior.

NewCali4nia intuitively understands your project and the users it targets, identifying and turning them into active users/consumers - ...

Ultimately, NewCali4nia is here to improve your ROI.

Web Marketing Training
From basics to proficient web understanding.

Tone Setting
How speech line works with company policy, on how to adapt it for the public eye, avoiding misunderstandings and reaping benefits.

Online Strategy
Adapting to clients marketing plan
Development according to company's targets

Website Components & Design
Requirements identification
Goal setting

Brand broadcasting
Social Media harnessing
Blog creation & maintenance

  • Software

  • Websites

  • Mobile applications

Web Project Management
Fundamental strategy, white paper production, development (graphics & coding), follow-up and management of in-house or outsourced* human-resources.
*NewCali4nia engages a network of professionals including a user experience designer, graphic designers, web-developers and IT engineers.

NewCali4nia is of international origin, at ease with understanding and navigating foreign cultures.
Translation services provided are:
French -> English
English -> French
Spanish -> French
French -> Spanish
Spanish -> English
English -> Spanish


4 place Georges Clemenceau
64200 Biarritz
+33 6 62 31 70 70

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